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Steet Lights Wireless Control 2


1. Background introduction
   This is a lighting hybrid wireless control project in Mexico highway.
   System consists of 5 groups. 
   Group 1 and group 2: sensor wireless control 30 luminaries ON-OFF
   Group 3 and group 4: sensor wireless control 18 luminaries ON-OFF
   Group 5: sensor wireless control 9 luminaries ON-OFF
   Control distance is less than 2km for each group.
   Each group, master control all slaves ON-OFF at the same time.
2. Parameter requirements:
Group 1 and Group 2:
Master DI1 controls all 30 slaves DO1 at the same time
Master DI2 controls all 30 slaves DO2 at the same time
We set Group 1 with ID 1, channel 1
      Group 2 with ID 4, channel 4
Group 3 and Group 4,
Master DI 1 controls all 18 slaves DO1 at the same time.
Master DI 2 controls all 18 slaves DO2 at the same time.
We set Group 3 with ID 8, channel 8
      Group 4 with ID 15, channel 15
Group 5.jpg
Group 5,
Master DI 1 controls all 9 slaves DO1
Master DO 2 controls all 9 slaves DO2
We set Group 5 with ID 15, channel 15
3. Conclusion:
There are 5 groups in this system, each group we use different ID and different channel. 5 masters can control all different slaves correctly without interference.
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