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Control Valve market growing

the global market for control valves, estimated at a valuation of US$7.74 bn in 2014, is expected to expand at a healthy 7% CAGR between 2015 and 2021 and rise to US$12.14 bn by 2021.The rising investments in fluid handling technologies across the oil and...

More Detais>>2015-12-27

The Need for Wireless Monitoring

There is a real on-going need for monitoring of valve positions (actuated or manual) in the process line. Malfunctioning of a valve can result in danger to human health and safety, affect yields, and generate environmental risks. In some industries, regul...

More Detais>>2015-12-04

What is M2M

Machine-to-machine communication, or M2M, is exactly as it sounds: two machines “communicating,” or exchanging data, without human interfacing or interaction. This includes serial connection, powerline connection (PLC), or wireless communications in the i...

More Detais>>2015-12-04

Automated Systems: The Future of Industrial Automation

Many experts believe we are headed for a future of intense mobility. While our cellphones have long been toted around in our pockets, industry experts are looking into the future and seeing a need for manufacturing processes to implement highly mobile aut...

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