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Granary Wireless Monitoring System

1. System Background 

Traditional granary monitoring systems usually use RS-485 or other wire solutions to finish data transmission. The problem is easy to be interfered, too many untidy wires, difficult to expand system, when there is one node having problem, and the whole system cannot work. Lensen’s wireless granary monitoring system exactly resolves these problems. No need to wire cable, you could monitor humidity and temperature information in your granary in time. Our system will help to ensure food security for longer time.

2. System Description 

This system consists of LS-TH temperature and humidity monitor device and PC monitoring software. 

1) LS-TH temperature and humidity monitor device: to collect and transmit temperature and humidity information to PC. 

2) PC in controlling center: run monitoring software, to receive temperature and humidity information, analyze data, monitoring environment information and send command.  

System Schematic: 

granary monitoring.jpg

3. Conclusion

This system helps us monitor granary intelligently. It also applies in other places that need temperature and humidity control, such as medicine warehouse, food warehouse, cold chain logistics, industrial survey, office, supermarket, archives, workshops, warehouses, construction sites and other measurement occasions.




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