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Farmland Irrigation Wireless Control

General introduction:
Automated irrigation becomes a trend with the development of smart agriculture. In order to send appropriate amount water in proper time to your farmland, we design this wireless irrigation system. It mainly aims to Start/OFF your field solenoid valves by wirelessly. You can control different field valves at control room. No need to go field and control each valves manually one by one. This really save us a lot of time.
valve control_副本.jpg
System includes
1. Main controller at Control center--to connect Hunter/Toro irrigation controller
2. Pump controller at pump station--to control pump ON/OFF
3. Solenoid valve at field--each station 4 valves
wireless irrigation.jpg
1. Control room, the wireless controller has 8 stations. We also provide 8-station expander in
order to connect 16 or 24 or 36 or 48 stations irrigation controller.
2. Field valve controller has 4 port. Each one can connect 4 valves. The controller use solar
power supply.
3. At control room, you can switches On the pump if any one of the solenoid valve is ON.
Switch off the pump if no valves is ON.
4. At control room, you can automatically switch on any solenoid valve according the pre-setted
irrigation controllers program.
5. Wireless connection, no need to operate pump and valve manually. Can do all at control room.
No need to run here and there any more. Save time and energy.
6. Main controller has LED indicator of feedback from pump side and valve controller board.
7. Control distance 2km, no communication fee.
1. Main controller: 12V DC power supply, 8 stations, can expand by 8-station.
  433MHz, 1W power output.
2. Valve controller: 12V DC power supply.
  Solar Panel: 5W
  433MHz, 1W power output
  Power consumption: 40mA
3. Pump controller: 2 digital inputs, 2 relay output.
  contact max load AC250V/5ADC30V/5A


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