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Greenhouse Intelligent Monitoring

1. Application Background

Greenhouses are widely used to provide longer growth period and increase production for vegetables, flowers, trees and other plants cultivation or seedling, ect. But most farmers just do warming, watering, ventilation, for greenhouse freely without scientific basis. Now agriculture has entered the information age, people pay more attention to intelligent control. Therefore, smart monitoring technology is introduced in greenhouse cultivation which brings us a breakthrough development. 

2. System Description

This system consists of Greenhouse control device, Greenhouse drip system, Greenhouse integrated electronic control box, PC and monitoring software. We use RF data module LS-UN and wireless I/O module LS-RDIO.

1) RF Module LS-UN: collects data and send data to PC.

2) Wireless I/O Module LS-RDIO: to control Greenhouse controlling device.

3) PC software: to monitor parameter changes and storage condition

4) Air sensor: to collect air temperature and humidity at scene

5) Soil sensor: to collect soil temperature and humidity at scene

6) Greenhouse controlling device: to carry out the command sent by I/O module

7) Greenhouse drip system: controlled by greenhouse controlling device to irrigate the scene

System Schematic:


3. Conclusion

Intelligent Greenhouse monitoring system is to collect and analyze the environment information, biological information in greenhouse, and then do some judgment according received data. This will help manage greenhouse in real-time, for example to adjust humidity, temperature, light and other environmental factors automatically, then finally help users raise crop yield.



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